viernes, 30 de diciembre de 2011

Happy New SNES4ALL!

I just release a new version of SNES4ALL with a important speed improvement. The main changes are:
- Uses MMU (HW paging) for direct access to memory without tables and translations.
- Draws SNES tiles as PVR textures.
- CPUs assembler improvements.
- Supports SDD1 and SA1 chips.

I had to change it a lot for running it with MMU and PVR, It has been a very hard work and needs more work for patching MMU problems (use 'snes4all_secure.bin' binary for disabling MMU for games like StarOcean) and drawing all transparency cases with PVR.

Also I would like get a better sound and use ARM Dreamcast CPU for rendering sound.

Anyway, this Beta-2 version runs almost the entire SNES games with a good speed and a lot of games at full speed with sound and transparency.