jueves, 7 de abril de 2011

And now... MAME4ALL

Another new beta release of a old project, MAME Arcade emulator for Dreamcast:

It uses same romset but it has SD-Card support for loading roms and save config per game, implements a file cache for fast loading and uses latest FAME Motorola 68000 core and FAZE Z80 core.


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  1. Wow! Really impressive - you are on a roll here Chui! ;)

    Any chance of support for stand-alone game discs using MAME4ALL?

  2. Stand-along game discs is only for NEO4ALL/AES4ALL. Why toast a CD-ROM with 1 game when you can toast for +1000? :D

  3. Thanks for update ! Do you have a full chagelog like for UAE4ALL ?

  4. I lost it, sorry. What do you need?

    Only I have this:
    - RC 3 (05/04/2011)
    * Savestate support
    * Dreamcast SD-Card support
    * 25% Speed increased
    * Screen position option menu

    - RC 2 (26/04/2010)
    * Only for Dingoo/Dingux.
    * Virtual mouse
    * Fast sound using shift operations

    - RC 1 (11/03/2006)
    * Save disks changes to VMU.
    * Superthrottle mode for speed up intros and loading time.
    * SH4 exceptions catched for stability.
    * ADZ support (ADF floppy image gzip compressed)
    * Lastest FAME a new interrupt controller emulation, better game compatibility.

    - Beta 2 (11/10/2005)
    * Better game compatibility. New games supported: Shadow of the Best,
    Dune 2, Alien Breed and Speed Ball 2 among others.

    - Beta 1 (09/04/2005)
    * UAE 68000 core replaced with FAME emulation library.
    * Internal emulator structure reworked.
    * Many speed ups and improvements.

    - Alpha 1 (09/24/2004)
    * First public release from uae-8.22

  5. En MAME4ALL informa NO SE ENCUENTRA ROM. ¿Cómo puedo solucionarlo?

  6. NeoGeo_AES para tarjeta SD?Gracias!

  7. You need copy all romset to roms directory. Ask at Dreamcast.es or DCemulation/DCemu.co.uk forums.

    About AES4ALL... it is coming.

  8. Estoy usando el Primero rom MAME4ALL y trasladado a la carpeta rom MAME4ALL LA TARJETA SD (nuevo). va a resolver?

  9. Copy /rom/ directory and its content to /mame4all/ directory at SD-Card, so you must have a /mame4all/rom/ directory with all zipped roms. Also copy all BIN to /mame4all/ and a directory for samples (/mame4all/samples/) if you want/get it.

  10. Y sólo hay que poner el archivo bin como Gold, Clásico y otros en la carpeta Samples MAME4ALL SD.

  11. He aquí un MAMAME4ALL iso a la tarjeta SD.
    Link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=IBW36GJ6

  12. Chui
    It is possible to add support Battle Toads (Arcade)game to next release?

  13. In mame4all you can add new games and there will be a new version of the emulator?

  14. No, sorry. I am not working on MAME4ALL recently, right now I am focused on GENS4ALL, SNES4ALL and PCSX4ALL.

    At future, maybe I will patch some games and Z80 core, but I would like do a new emulator based on Finalburn or something like that.

  15. Chui, hace poco he rescatado mi dreamcast y buscando me he encontrado con tu maravilla de emulador.
    Perdona, por mi desconocimiento, pero que se puede hacer para jugar con el stick del pad?....el terra cresta o 1942 no son muy jugables con las flechitas.

    1. It is not easy because analog stick is used for pause, reset and exit to menu. I will add edit all buttons (now you can change regular buttons) for next release.

      Anyway, I recommend you buy a Dreamcast arcade stick for playing MAME4ALL.

  16. Defect report
    The abnormalities in a count of a game with time restrictions.
    It decreases with unusual speed.
    And the deadline is started.
    Example: Kung fu master Time restrictions are unusually early.
    All the 8 bits? .
    The abnormalities in a count of a score in a game.
    It becomes an alphabet notation occasionally.
    The game which carries out item acquisition at random.
    It does not become random.
    The same thing continues coming out.
    Example: wonderboy in Monsterland.
    Magic item.
    Extra money display.
    A screen is a blackout? .
    It happens by VSYNC off? .
    I would like to report, as soon as it is otherwise found.
    Thank you for the very wonderful program.

  17. Are you tried with other CPUs % values or always happens? I have to try too, maybe it is a bug in FAZE/Z80 core.


    1. Thank you chui

      It is generated though the speed of CPU is adjusted.
      Neither the unusual damping nor the score abnormality addition of the time limit are generated in old version alpha1.
      I think that I was generated from beta1.

      I think that this program is a very wonderful work.

      Thank you chui

  18. Hello, how do I add credits with the arcade stick? Driving me crazy... Start+C only starts Pause lie C alone :-(

  19. Are you still around Chui?
    I am wondering if you could recommend any improvements to add
    to UAE for all that you might have made since the source I am using is very old (but has your name in it).
    I am compiling for iPhone, and everything works, but if there is anything you have done since then for optimization that could simply "drop in" it would be much appreciated.
    I'm going for a free Apple App Store distribution that must be
    bound to a single game to be accepted.

  20. Hello, chui!
    Signs that the score bug and the time bonus count bug have occurred in mame4all.
    Please correct, if possible.
    Thank you!

  21. Hola Chui para cuando un Snes4ALL version 3 para Dreamcast y un Killer intinc Arcade para dreamcast?? Es posible un emulador MODEL 3ARCADE DE SEGA? Y por ultimo un emulador de saturn para ´poder jugar Castlevania Symphony of the night. y un emulador de PC ENGINE PARA JUGAR EL DRAKULA X. GRACIAS DESDE VENEZUELA

  22. Does this version support games that use samples for sound like space invaders or berzerk? I put the samples into the /samples directory but still no sound.

  23. Just wanted to say thank you for this emulator Chui. It works like a charm imo. Thanks for everything you do for the dreamcast community !