martes, 5 de abril de 2011

A promise is a promise

I just released a new version of UAE4ALL for Dreamcast and Dingoo after we fix STOP problem in FAME, well, really STOP problem has not been fixed but we have reversed subversion revision that do this bug.

News in this version:
- 30% speed increased: Sound and Video render improved.
- Savestates support: The length of a savestate file is 200-300KB, so SD-Card is needed.
- Dreamcast SD-Card support.
- New option menu for screen position.
- Uses latest FAME Motorola 68000 core: More stable, fast and accurate.

Downloads and more info at UAE4ALL site.

2 comentarios:

  1. I cant het it working . When it starts i get message on my tv "kick.rom not found press any button to retry" .What's that ?

  2. Needs kickstart (Amiga BIOS) file image. Copy it at root of CD or inside /uae4all/ directory of SD-Card, renamed as 'kick.rom'.