martes, 19 de junio de 2012

RetroMadrid 2012

Sorry for the long delay in posting. I was too busy in real life.

Anyway I've assisted as expositor in RetroMadrid 2012 showing the latest advances on my projects.

For example, We released a WIP version of GENS4ALL for Dreamcast with a important speed increase, it is available at

I hope that I will have enough spare time for reviewing of the exposed.

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  1. Esas fotos me suenan xDDD

    Y tranquilo, que no hay prisa :)

  2. Saludos Chui, gracias por seguir dando soporte de tus emuladores para Sega DreamCast, sin embargo esta version de Gens4all al igual que la ultima version de AES4ALL no funciona apropiadamente en formato CD-ROM es decir que no permite el aceso al directorio en el disco y se tranca el emulador. Espero que las proximas versiones solucione este problema. Tambien queria preguntarte como pasar codigo creado en WinCE a SDL porque tengo 2 proyectos ya casi creado, uno de ello lo llame NECTER-DC (Emulador de Turbo Grafx / Pc Engine) para Sega Dreamcast pero por el copyright del Katana Development Kit no puedo publicarlos sin que demanden XD... Espero tu contestacion de antemano gracias nuevamente.

    1. I can load roms from CD-ROM with these binaries, we tested it in RetroMadrid. I had used old Echelon method for creating a CD-ROM autoboot.

      Anyway try to use SD-Loader for launching the unscrambled binaries.

      I never port a WinCE application but SDL is very simple layer, see SDL documentation:

      And SDL for Dreamcast:

      I guest port to SDL for Windows/Linux first and after adapt to Dreamcast.

    2. Entonce para crear esos disco autoarrancables debo usar Echelon Selfboot Kit porque con BootDream v1.06 no funciona de ninguna forma. Te agradesco por la documentación de sdl y cuando termine te enviare el port para que lo pruebes me des tu opinion. Salu2 (^.^)

  3. BootDream works fine. I don't know why you don't access the root CD-ROM.

    Try to load binary with SD-Loader:

  4. what about the development of pcsx4all for Dreamcast? =)

  5. I would like but I am not working on it right now. I hope take some advance at next months.

  6. hola chui! que hay de nuevo? espero que todo te vaya bien! y queria saber si te encuentras trabajando en alguna actualizacion de algun emulador? en si queria tener un breve resumen de tus proyectos? XD saludos y que andes de maravilla!

  7. Hello Chui, do you plan to update your emulators in near future ?

  8. Sorry, I'm focused on indie game developing right now. I hope come back to emulators soon.

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  10. Are cheat codes enabled I can not seem to figure this out
    I have plenty of *.pat files (they are just txt files) also tested those as *.txt files as well

    Is there a trick to this

    P.s. good luck with your current projects

  11. I forgot to mention this but if you stuff too many roms into a single folder it will refuse to read that folder, so just split the roms in to more folders, 100 to a folder seems just fine

    I had over 500 and it just didn't want to open that folder

    And thank you for all your hard work :) I look forward to any updates you may have in the future, been away from my Dreamcast for far too long :/

  12. Hi !

    First thing, for your emulators : Thanks4ALL ! :)

    But i want to know... Do you still work on it ?

    A 240p patch will be awesome !!! To play with real Neogeo's resolution on CRT 15kHz or old school arcade cab...

    I hope you received my message

    Again thanks !!
    Best regards.