lunes, 14 de marzo de 2011

I did it !

Awesome! I have could speed increase (even more) for Dreamcast and Dingoo A320:

A lot of games run very close to full speed and also it support SD cards for savestates and load/save diskimages.

The secret has been disabling the redundant code and getting that it is processing (blitter and render) only exact lines to draw. This has been more easy to say and think than to do it. I have spent years to do it finally because the architecture of Amiga machine is very complex.

Now, I need some time for releasing it because we have found a new bug on FAME Motorola 68000 CPU core. I hope that we can fix it in a few days, almost before of RetroEncounter event at April 9th.

I really love this emulator! It is the most hard that I have worked on it.

4 comentarios:

  1. Hi there Chui - this is excellent news!

    Will there be any functionality to create self-booting single game discs, loading from save sate or disk image, like in neo4all? I really like this feature.

    Talking of which, I sent you an email about problems I was having with aes4all... Did you get it?

    Keep up the great work!


  2. hi chui, I tried your emulators for dingux on OpenDingux. Unfortunately they seems to don't work on it, i can acces to the menu but after loading game it crash. Do you planned to fix them? Maybe you ever know that but Generaly it's not very hard to fix, most of the emulators just have to be dynamicaly compiled.
    Anyway thank for your awsomes emulators.

  3. Hi chui, sorry to post again :/, just to tell you, seems that uea4all don't work because the emulator use dev/mem to change the cpu clock and other stuff like, that has been desactivate on OpenDingux.