martes, 1 de marzo de 2011

Open Blog !

I always wanted to open a blog for exposing all work doing, porting and adapting open source emulators for Dreamcast and handhelds like GP32, GP2X, WIZ, CAANOO or DINGOO. I hope that I will have enough time for writing here.

Also I have participated on others open source projects that can be searched at SourceForge and GoogleCode, and I would like continue it.

In my projects homepage can see all emulators (named like %4ALL) that I am working on it: SuperNintendo, Playstation, ZX-Spectrum, etc. But also I am working on GENS/GENS4ALL and others projects of EMUFORGE team.

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  1. Please Chui, I and the entire community Dreamcast BR in Brazil would love for you to return to work on a PlayStation 1 emulator for Dreamcast, even though the speed and compatibility are not so good...

    Think about it!

    Igor Isaias Banlian

  2. Thanks, but first I need to adapt old MIPS recompiler (PSX4ALL) to new PCSXALL and I suppose that this first release will be slow while not written a GPU using PowerVR (next release).

    I hope that first release will be released on summer at least.

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  4. Chui gracias por el gran trabajo en la escena Dreamcast!
    Grande fue esta nueva versión de AMIGA.
    También espero una versión compatible con el SD NeoGeo AES emulador.


    Video :

  5. Hi Chui - great to see you have started a blog for your projects!

    I was wondering if you could help me?

    I understand that creating a self-booting, standalone game should be possible using AES4ALL, but I can't seem to get it working...

    I'm trying to create a standalone version of Andro Dunos. I have successfully created an .aes file of the game using the neoconv tool, and tested it on the windows version of the emulator.

    I have also created a self booting disk that seems to work - almost. Everything is fine, my splash screen is displayed, but then that vanishes and the screen goes black. Andro Dunos is not loaded.

    My disc contains:

    aes file was created as a US region file, and my config file is as follows:

    # Region: JAP / EUR / USA (default)
    # Sound: OFF / ON (default)
    # Accurate (synchonized CPUs): ON / OFF (default)
    # CDDA: OFF / ON (default)
    # Frameskip: 0..9 or auto (default)
    # M68K CPU clock, default=12000000 (12 MHz).
    # Z80 CPU clock, default=4000000 (4 MHz).

    I'm using aes4all-beta2-fix, and the files from the dreamcast/standalone folder.

    Obviously something simple has gone wrong, as the disc loads, displays the splash screen, but then the game isn't loaded. I've used BootDreams 1.6 to create my disc.

    As stated above, the aes file I have created works fine with the windows emulator supplied with aes4all-beta2-fix - so it should work on the DC!

    Any help would be appreciated :) - I can provide a copy of the files I'm using and the disc image via email if you like?

  6. Rename 'androdun.aes' as 'game.aes', see

  7. Thanks! It worked! Now I feel really stupid...

  8. hola chui.

    muchas gracias por el gran trabajo que haces por la emulacion del dreamcast, y quisiera preguntarte ¿se puede hacer un emulador sobre el final burn alpha? ya que tengo una pc con muy poco recirsos y ningun emulador lo corre bien excepto este y pense que el dreamcast podria correrlo. gracias

  9. Hi
    A question regarding snes4all.
    How do you make a standalone game?
    I've tried everything, and i figured out the rom probably should be renamed to "game" like in aes4all, but that dosn't work...
    The emulator boots up fine, but i have to choose the game/rom afterwards...
    I cant get it to boot directly into the game, please help med? :-)