lunes, 21 de marzo de 2011

In the meantime... SNES4ALL

Fox and me are trying to fix our Motorola 68000 CPU core when STOP+Interrupt happens. I have located this bug and traced it using DCaSTaway but right now Fox needs some time for fixing in FAME/SH4 generator. Guru meditation? DCaSTaway and UAE4ALL releases are waiting this fix.

And now I can not stop, so I am working on SNES4ALL since a few days. The main work is to improve the Marcus Comstedt assembler code for CPU, the sound render and the tile blitters.

I have gotten freeing 2 CPU registers for other uses and speed up using pipeline slots and cache alignment. About the sound render, I have rewrited it using 6 different methods (ALTDECODE based) but needs tune it, and the tile blitters, I am coding (trying really) a new set of blitters for drawing block by block instead by line.

Also, now supports Dreamcast SD-Card for loading ROMS and savestates, but I have to able to write savestate support for VMU yet.

4 comentarios:

  1. Buen trabajo!!
    A ver si consigues una emulación perfecta de Super Nintendo en nuestra querida Dreamcast.
    Estoy deseándo poder jugar a Chrono Trigger, Terranigma, Donkey Kong Country y otros juegos en la TV!!

  2. que bueno que puedan tener tiempo para preocuparse por la dream y sus seguidores! ni bien tenga tarjeta de credito estoy dispuesto a donar por la causa. sigan asi muchachos! y gracias!

  3. Wow! Chui, you are on a roll! What else are you going to surprise us with in the next months!?

    I hope you can get more speed out of SNES games, that would be great.

  4. Almost I hope release SNES4ALL, UAE4ALL, DCaSTaway, AES4ALL, GENS4ALL, ZX4ALL and MAME4ALL with SD-Card support.

    About SNES4ALL, now runs +10fps but I need coding VMU sopport for savestates and SRAM for releasing it.